Under the Sea with Mimi

summer is in full swing.  if you live here in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, we have been sweating up a storm here with the hot hot weather!  on the long list of many things to do, we tried to find another vehicle to accommodate our larger family that has some air conditioning.  it is nothing short of unbearable being stuck in traffic in a tiny Jetta, particularly for 3 kids jammed together in the backseat.  it is pure punishment for everyone involved.

it was a particularly sweltering day for Miyla's birthday which Em so graciously hosted at the farm.  she and Jess put together the Mermaid birthday party of my dreams.  i was as awestruck with all the details as i would have been at 8 years old, my peak of mermaid infatuation.  

nothing says Mermaid Party like swimming in a pool surrounded in bubbles

DIY jellyfish - CHECK!

refreshment bar - CHECK!
iced coffee / lemonade / lemon water

the "salt water" lemonade in bright aqua blue was so so so perfect

this mermaid cutout was my contribution to the mermaid madness 

the tail started out in a bright red/coral which ended up being a great base colour for when i decided to go purple instead.  i'm particularly proud of the shells and if i had had more time, i would love to have done a few more fish.

so boss

i'm a sucker for creative puns

the lovely birthday girl handing out leis to all her guests


and more twinsies

the phenomenal sandcastle cake was delish

the cookies were also perfect with my 3rd cup of iced coffee

this amazing woman

Jess personally tie-dyed shirts for all the guests as a thank you!

we got no troubles
life is the bubbles
under the sea!


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