Less Baby More Boy


done.  Malx is officially sharing the same bedroom with Momo and Chloe.  he is in there with the blackout blinds with his mattress newly lowered and sleeping… for now.

crying it out is a killer.
as my good friend Renee put it, you teach your newborn to fall asleep with bottles or the boob only to undo all that cozy bonding time by letting them kick and scream until they learn that you haven't actually abandoned them and they are perfectly capable of soothing themselves to sleep.

last night was not bad at all.  the previous night was horrible.  as it was Friday, our typical late night bedtime went a little later.  we went to bed at 1am and i could hardly sleep.  when i had finally fallen asleep, it was around 3am and this is when Malx finally awoke and the crying began.  i don't know for sure if this is when he woke up but considering i got up about 6 times at about 15 minute intervals before he finally passed out at 4:39am, i'd say it 3am is a good guess.

i'm praying that this Crying It Out period is as "smooth" as it was with the other two.  within a week we were all good.  i feel a tinge of guilt for putting the kids through this but on the other hand, it's a tiny taste of revenge and letting them know how difficult it is to take care of a baby on top of all the other knowledge they have acquired about parenthood.  i'm just so happy that playing musical rooms to facilitate the crib's relocation has occurred during the summer months when the kids are out of school and have the freedom to sleep in or take a nap if necessary.

my bedside is now a large empty space.  my heart hurts.  my first "empty nest" with this little guy as he upgrades to his new room away from my side.  just as i have been desperately hanging on to every little precious moment with my last baby, savouring all the smells and milestones and cuddles, i'm forced to keep up the pace of transitions in an effort to avoid "babying" him.  i want to baby him so bad!  he is in fact still a baby and my last baby but i am so afraid of the repercussions.  right now it isn't so horrible, but if i create habits now, these habits will easily transition as he grows older and they will be harder to break and even harder to undo.  indeed, upbringing starts from the beginning.  i don't want him out of my room because it means he is growing, but i can not deny his growth.  i would be doing him a great disservice and god knows i don't want him at home until he is 30.  i want him to be independent and confident and capable of making a great life for himself, and because of this i have been making daily efforts in my parenting to remember how i raised Moses and Chloe.  i've always been hard but kind with them, harder on Moses, but i have also been working hard on that with him.  seriously, people think that having 3 means 3 of the same, it is just not true.  each child, like every person, is completely different and parenting changes from child to child according to that child's personality, sensitivities, capabilities, and needs.  how do you keep up and juggle three methods of parenting while doing your best to be as fair and equal as possible?  please let me know.


he is such an adorable  little guy.  he truly reminds me of kevin.  i can't put my finger on how, but he is very much his dad in ways that Moses is not.  Moses has his fair share of kevin's attributes and it will be interesting to see what the similarities and differences are between the two/three of them.

so he is officially in his big crib with the mattress down low.  on that rough night of sleep training, he was able to pull himself up to standing a couple of times.  we were one day too late lowering the mattress with Moses.  he fell over and bounced off the garbage can onto the floor when crying it out in the middle of the night.  i can't remember if i actually saw it or heard it…

he is now also officially on his way to crawling.  he easily manoeuvres himself from sitting position to all fours and back again.  tonight at my inlaws, he finally started shimmying one knee forward.  he is now able to move toward anywhere or anything in relatively close proximity.  he is going to be all over the house in two weeks, guaranteed.  the learning and progress with babies is mind-blowing.

he loves joining all of us in the pool before our Sunday dinners at my inlaws.  he enjoys splashing and doesn't get overly upset when doing little dives under the water.

kevin has been a bit more lenient with the food and so he has really been enjoying all the new flavours and textures beyond banana and avocado.  he has enjoyed beans, chicken, honeydew, nectarines, mango, and i've roasted fig, zucchini and yam in the toaster oven for him.  i love it.  it's messy and sticky as all hell but i love seeing him so overjoyed eating.

this guy is a little gem.  i'm loving it.


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