Back to School 2015

oh my god.  so tired.
did these photos 10 hours ago and finally i am sitting down 
(with my giant bowl of that sweet kale salad-in-a-bag from Costco)
to post the first photos in what has been weeks…

i'm at that point within the first year of a baby where you really start losing your shit.  it's like, yeah, everyone knows the first three months are brutal because you are waking up upteenth times a night, but that baby is so tiny with tiny cries and if you've had one baby already, that appreciation for consecutives (especially when you know or think you know they are your last…) goes a long long way.  i was so in love with Malcolm i never bothered to ever check the time whenever he woke up those half a dozen times at night.    at 4-6 months, you are like, ok i should nip this shit in the bud and attempt to sleep train.  at 8 months, your body is like 


i'm only bringing this up briefly because i am not a schedule person.  i am not a naturally organized individual.  the only routine i can commit to without fail is dippy eggs for breakfast and a cheese-cucumber-tomato sandwich for lunch.  i am hoping that the required schedule of school will kick my ass a little harder into figuring out a routine to assist me in my survival.  i actually made myself a 16 hour schedule to follow to help me hunker down on consistent nap times for Malcolm so that i can really try to get things done during those pitiful 45 minutes excuses he calls a nap.  UGH.  WHY DON'T MY CHILDREN EVER NAP FOR 2-3 HOURS LIKE OTHER CHILDREN!!!!!

ok.  first day of school, here we go.
(gotta hurry so i can squeeze in Drunk History before bed…)

this chick was up and wild with excitement for her first day of school!
she was rolling around in bed with me, kevin and malcolm, goofing around with her brother, making him laugh and making sure he didn't roll off the edge of the bed.

i don't remember being this lit up and full of life at 4.5
though my cheeks were definitely just as chubby if not more...

this guy is a mad crawler
chloe had to dive for his legs before he came flying off the bed to get me

this guy loves to stay in bed like his mom
i think he was a bit nervous and could not fall asleep the night before

i gave him a few minutes

chloe on the other hand was shaking her butt as she got dressed

she was cheering on moses to get out of bed

new watermelon hoodie from auntie

i love these two boys.  
Malcolm is full on crawling around the house, 
i never thought this day would come so soon.  

need to print this one for her collection

making faces at Talca

he has the sweetest most perfect shaped head

i love his little teeth but they are almost starting to look ridiculously tiny
with how big he is getting.  here, he is making a card for his old teacher because
he is such a very affectionate little guy.  

oh my god.  my morning went from sweet to dropping an f-bomb with these guys and their amped up energy and constant stream of demands, running around and screaming.  Moses wouldn't get off school until 12:20 and i didn't know if he required a lunch.  he asked me like 8 times if he needed lunch  and/or if i could make him lunch just in case and i kept telling him i didn't know and that i would check when we got to school, that i was in a rush and if i didn't have to make him one, i wasn't going to.  he finally irritated me so much that i just made him a quick sandwich to shut him up.  i packed it and gave it to him only to have him ask me

"but what if we DON'T have lunch???"

my eyes rolled into the back of my head. twice.

the schedule i had wrote out was slowly running out of time.  i had 10 minutes before we had to run out of the house and i was still in my pi's and Malcolm was covered in food and needed to be changed.  there was a lot of yelling and freaking out on my part.  i got dressed, looked in the mirror and cringed.  UGH, i did NOT have time to apply any sort of make up and i really wanted to arrive just a bit early so i could take these photos so i accepted i would just have to sacrifice my dignity for these memories.

these weirdos are in a stage of doing these ridiculous poses

she was so happy to see so many familiar faces

once we got her stickered and said a few hellos, we hurried over to the grade 1 lineups for Momo.  i covered his face with kisses while i squeezed his tiny little skeleton and saw him off with the rest of his old crew.

hurried back to the kindergarten portable where the teachers gave a small information session and the kids were divided into two groups.  there were a few very upset little ones crying, but for the most part everyone was in good spirits.

lining up to head into their classroom!

and lined-up once more at pick up!

she had a great time and was disappointed that it was a mere 45 minutes.  she was looking forward to doing so many new things, but i had to remind her of the few kids that were afraid and worried about being in a new place with new people without their mom or dad.  i'm so elated  with her enthusiasm and excitement.  we headed home to put Malcolm for his nap and have lunch before picking up Moses.

the first day was not very eventful but it was a good day!

they are growing up so fast

first day: CHECK


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