Another Period

it's been a long time since i last blogged with so much going on.
and so many photos from summer that i never got around to posting.

and so many beautiful emotions that i wanted to share…
all lost in the abyss.

i'm finally pushing away the other things on my TO DO list for a grand update of things

we have seen a big push in the last two months as we tried to get as many weather-sensitive things accomplished prior to the rainy season which included the exterior.

i feel like it would be too much to jam them all into one post so i will set aside a post for each one.

Noble Grey + The Entrance

Tilly + The Louvres

The Ensuite

we have been off to a pretty good start with school.  no fights, no red stickers or checkmarks, and no scary meltdowns.  we haven't even been late!

one of the more irritating things is that both kids want me to drop them off at their class.  i don't mind except for the fact that they are located on opposite sides of the school, so everyday they both try to guilt me into choosing to drop them off FIRST.  moses would slunk his head and shoulders down and do a sad shuffle as the rest of the kids ran past him if i hugged and kissed him and sent him on his way while dropping off Chloe.  if i drop Moses off first, i have to race back to Chloe's class where the teacher usually gives some sort of announcement and i only get half of it.

because my brain is still the consistency of baby food, pick-up isn't much better.  in fact, after deciding on which child to pick up first, i end up getting caught up in their excitement and the other parents and talking before i realize CRAP WE HAVE TO GO PICK UP YOUR BROTHER!/SISTER!  i will also mention that a few nights ago, i attended the first PAC meeting of the year and brought Moses along as two grade 7 girls provided childminding and he wanted to see what it was all about.  after 2 hours of trying to stay awake, i rushed home across the street.  kevin met me at the door and asked me:

"Where's Moses?"

my initial reaction was to have a panic attack.  What do you mean Where's Moses, isn't he in bed asleep with CH….OMG I LEFT HIM AT SCHOOL!!!!!!

so even in the midst of my horribly tattered brain, i also decided to put a bunch of check marks beside things i would volunteer for… TIMES 2.  i figured, whoever was in charge would see that i had 2 kids and would perhaps just ask me to do SOME of the things for only ONE of my kids.  this is not the case, Dear Mothers of Children Not Yet In School.  not only was i nominated to be Class Parent for Moses' class, but the other mother nominated along with me decided to bail!  I also volunteered for WALK TO SCHOOL week which I am booked to do TWICE!!!!  this requires showing up at the school 40 minutes prior to the bell ringing, to pick up a basket of stickers and to go stand for 30 minutes at a designated spot to cheer on all the students walking to school.  I also volunteered to design a Cheat Sheet for all the parents that volunteer to distribute the food for Hot Lunch days.  I also put my name down to participate in the Fruits and Veggie program where I bring fresh chopped up Fruits and Veggies to the class (BOTH KIDS).  i don't know what the hell i was thinking.

Chloe has been doing fantastic.  it has only been this week where every morning she has sulked and not wanted to go to school.  it's complete bullshit because everyday that i pick her up, she tells me she has had a GREAT day!  her teacher has said she is doing well, is attentive and follows instructions and is happy to be there.  so far, i haven't yelled at her.  i have hugged her and comforted her and offered to walk her physically into her class until she seemed to be taking advantage of my kindness by asking for special treats.  these kids.  they are definitely my kids.

Moses has also been doing well.  my worry with him is that he might be a loner.  i can't tell if that's what is going on or if kids are just being jerks already with all the exclusion tactics they like to employ. his teacher has said he is a pleasure to have in class and that he likes to be kept busy.  this is true.  i believe he may have been given COMPOST duty to give him a task but i will have to confirm that.  apparently nobody else every does it…

ok i think that's it so far for school.

is looking for a career change.  things were not working out at the Mechanic Shop where has been working for the past 12 years.  i don't think it was ever meant to be a permanent job, but with a young family to support, no time is ever really a great time to willingly stop working to go back to school for training to switch careers.  it's scary.  it's scary for both of us.  it's hard.  hard for his confidence personally and hard on him as the breadwinner.  i'm glad that he has been forced to look elsewhere as the physical labour has been taking its toll on him and it was really breaking my heart to see him so miserable day after day.  he is so creative and so great at making things, i would love for him to find something that excites him, inspires him and utilizes his talents.  i would love for him to not have to put on the skungiest shirts to wear under a oily uniform every single day, to actually be able to see what his hands look like.  his boss has been great about it, allowing him to work for a limited time until he finds something else.

please send some good vibes our way.  or even better, perhaps a job opportunity!

is so frigging adorable it makes me wanna puke.
he is starting to communicate with a few signs: HI, PLEASE, HIGH-FIVE
does a HIGH-FIVE count as communication?  i think so.
he is crawling everywhere with ease.  he has gone from crying at the end of the hallway, to crawling out and finding his way to me based on where he hears me making noise.  he pulls up easily and falls on his butt when he needs to continue moving around.  i have tried to start getting him to cruise along the couch or take a few steps with his walker but he just doesn't get it yet… sheesh, what a baby.

no first words yet but he's making lots of sounds and he is super expressive.

he gives hugs and kisses which are wide mouth slobbers or full on raspberries.

5. ME
i think i can say that i have stopped breastfeeding.  with the start of school, i was really able to get a set schedule down.  i also bought a few more bottles with updated Fast Flow nipples which really helped speed up Malcolm's interest in bottles.  i was really hesitant about it leading up to September because i knew that once i started employing more bottles, my milk supply would go down significantly and it just wouldn't be worth breastfeeding anymore.  so basically that is what happened.  he gets three bottles a day (morning nap, afternoon nap, bedtime) and i'll let him go to town on me in the mornings when he wakes up at 6-7 and there is no way of getting me out of bed.

the one glorious thing about having stopped is that the pounds have dropped off of me, as they had when i stopped breastfeeding Moses and Chloe.  for some reason, that old wives tale about breastfeeding making you burn more calories, does not work for my body.  in fact, it does the complete opposite!  it makes me hold on to extra weight.  this month, i have finally felt great about my body.  i can fit into a bunch more shirts that just looked RIDICULOUS on me.  my boobs have shrunk FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!!  i mean they are still at an F but that is still 4 cups smaller than the J that i was at!!!  maybe they still look huge to other people, but to me they look significantly smaller and i am SO HAPPY!!!!!!

and today i became a woman.  i was shocked.  usually i went 3-4 months after breastfeeding before having to pull out Ye Olde Napkins.  PMS here we come!


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