House Updates: Noble Grey

i'm so angry because i actually took a bunch of photos at one point this month and then accidentally deleted about 1.5 weeks worth of photos.  balls.

alright!  house updates!  WE PAINTED THE HOUSE!!!!!!  


i actually was not holding my breath fort his but kevin's dad made it happen.  he took 4 weeks off for summer and spent his last week helping kevin to replace a bunch of the old rotting wood siding prior to painting it all white.  

then the 2 of them worked together to stain the soffits.  

kevin, sadly, fell off the ladder one day and badly hurt his hand which lasted for a good couple of weeks.  kevin's dad managed to come and finish them while kevin was at work and began painting the front of the house.

after his 4 weeks of vacation, he came for a couple of hours after work for a whole week until the house was done.  and the garage door too!!!! n at first, i will admit, i was not loving the Noble Grey as it turned out to be cooler and more blue than the super dark charcoal i had hoped for.  however, i have grown to really love it.  i think it will be more Classic and less Trendy once the whole GREY phase of repainting houses starts to look dated.  also, i can't wait to get rid of all those tiles and blocks and knock that fence down...

probably going to paint the spouts grey as well

can't decide what to do with this area but i love the tree.  maybe a sitting area? garden? i don't know.

down this side of the house i would eventually like to plant bamboo in some concrete blocks or something to line the fence.  probably pave the ground too...

onward to the back of the house...

maybe we will get rid of that porch frame
or maybe it will just be part of the house forever

our last update from the summer of the entrance, kevin was starting to layout the design, using the tiles that we already had available, just flipping them over!

we ripped the plants out and filled it with rocks.  haven't had time to work on it and we are still trying to decide what to do with the second half of the area.  we definitely want to keep a larger portion available for a small bistro set or something, but i think we are considering to do something cool as it gets closer to the fence or to just leave it as a square.  i don't know.

the light in this before is definitely way more beautiful but you can see how rough the wood siding was looking when you compare it to the clean crisp layer of white paint!  we need a new door.  and mailbox.


it's coming along.  everything is slowly coming along…


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