The Ensuite

i wish i didn't accidentally erase the photos of kevin putting down the floor

he had to rip up the floor, buy an entire other board to fit the entire room, plus cut a hole for the toilet in exactly the right spot before doing our new STICKER TILES!  so, to do the floor in the same tiles as we did the main washroom would require way way more time and work and we just wanted to do a mini update on the ensuite because we were originally considering expanding it to have a small shower…  so sticker tiles are super cheap and these were really pretty damn good for sticker tiles hahahaha.  at least its new and doesn't have a horrible pattern.  damn, i wish i had a photo of how awful the previous tiles were.  oh well.

he ripped out the vanity where there were no wood planks behind

he ripped out this entire wall that also had the wood planks

and started to fill, sand and apply a base coat

much better, for now

all the wood planks from the side wall, he recut and refit to recover the whole back wall
and HOORAY we have another toilet!!!!!

this IKEA vanity originally came with two shelves that flanked this centre cabinet.  i did not like them so we decided not to use them, which meant not using the base that you can see holding up the vanity

freestanding!!!!  well done kevballs!!!!

don't have time to really finish it up at the moment while we still try to squeeze in a little more of the outside duties.  i'm considering doing some wallpaper?  ideally i would have a technical drawing of a giant kraken creeping down from the top corner that the toilet is facing that you can't see.  i want to do something sort of funky with a strong graphic and nautical that isn't cheesy.  

also, this reminds me that i haven't actually ever done the after photos of the other washroom…  the sink was ready and then it got messy and i never made time to make it look super super nice for photos, but maybe you want to see my life in shambles?  i'll try to get on it…


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