Tilly + The Louvres

these Before and Afters are pretty hilarious
this one was a project that took about a week but made a HUGE difference

Photo from the original listing
that plastic siding/poor excuse for a wall was ugly as sin

kev stripped them off and knocked out a few of the posts that were old and shitty

added horizontals (yup, that's what i'm calling them)

pumped out a billion of these with the chop saw and nailed them onto the horizontals, perfectly and evenly spaced of course


and painted

so pretty with those rich warm newly stained soffits

stained cedar planks and cut them down to size

started nailing them on!

looking mighty fine!

his skin is so beautiful

i keep wondering what their noses are going to be like, if they will stay their current shape or if they will extend into more of an O'Brien nose


and you may or may not have noticed, but the ground should look different as well!  we have been waiting 9-10 months now for the company that did our perimeter drains to come back and grade the yard as they had promised.  the ground has been so solid that we have had no grass the entire year.  thankfully, Em happened to have a rototiller that she was able to lend us and kevin did as much as he could the other night and it looks fantastic!

here is another Before and After just to show just how solid the ground was prior to the tilling!

so soft and lush looking!

we might just have grass by the end of the month if we continue to get some sunshine this month!

last but not least (and please as usual, try to ignore the mess)

kevin banged out this simple pathway in about an hour and a half that leads up to covered patio where i am hoping we switch our entrances.  i would much prefer to have wet muddy boots go through the mudroom than through the front entrance of the house to be spread into the kitchen and living room and down the hallway.  and if you'll notice, there is GREEN poking up in the little spaces kevin made for some added visual interest!!!!  

here, have a closer look!  only a week after putting a few grass seeds in here grass has already grown!  you can't imagine how excited i am to see grass in our yard after a year of MUD MUD MUD!!!!


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