celebrated my very first night sans all three kids at The Happeney Howl Halloween party

our gracious host Effie Trinket

Cleo + Flapper Hastie reunited at long last after her 3 week vacay Down Under

Kev rocked his Joker

Simply Sinister

...and a few safe selects from the evening..

i haven't partied this hard in a really long time and it was exactly what i needed.  had a great time with old friends and broke a lot of ice with new friends and danced so hard my calves are still hurting two nights later.  we got home around 2:30am though i didn't fall asleep until probably 4am and was on the road at 9:30am to pick up the kids from richmond to make it to Chloe's Tumbling class at 10:45am.  WELL WORTH IT.  i'm still lamenting that it is over and hoping that another party awaits me in the near future... 

Kevin did a stellar job sewing Chloe's entire Wonder Woman costume 
including a warm layer beneath the glamorous lamé

I was in charge of Mummy Moses
it looked a lot better prior to it getting owned at school

fun times

this one cracks me up so bad

we dropped by the Mall for their annual Halloween Trick-or-Treating and crafts, had dinner, and though we were tempted to join the crowds in Beach Grove, enjoyed a quiet night Trick-or-Treating our new neighbourhood for the first time.  it was a beautiful night.  the forecast had promised rain but we had a clear starry evening with just a tiny chill.  it was perfect.  


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