11 months

Poo-Poo Updates (i call him Poo-Poo)

This Month
feet first off the couch and bed

This Week (or so)
-stands up on his own!
-cruising the couch
-walking with walker (straight lines)

he is super duper proud of his new ability to stand up on his own and will
clap along with us once he is up

-helped me to put Magnatiles away which was basically like a shape-sorting activity
-started to help me put toys away in a box on his own

initially, when he didn't want to eat something he would drop it onto the floor
in the most disgusted manner

he will now hold it up for me to take instead of dropping it on the floor


this post is days old now because i wanted to add photos
so now i am adding photos

i don't take enough photos of this guy with the big camera although if you follow me on instagram i do more than my fair sharing of iphonery.  why did i bring that up?

because when i opened this photo on the computer he looked so different than i have ever seen him.  maybe it's the camera?  maybe it's the angle?  maybe it's because he's going to be 1 next month which i seriously CAN NOT deal with whatsoever.  i enjoyed it.  i made a conscience effort everyday (even on days like yesterday) i make the effort to enjoy and remind myself that time is of the essence.  apparently, in making a conscience effort it just makes the time go faster than ever.

look at his silly little buttface

he's so proud and ready to impress

at first he doesn't want to let you know how stoked he is, playing it down with that downturned smile

can't stop / won't stop

one more time

lol drops the ring

this week (is it still this week?) he has been climbing


he's really into books

as in for the first months all he would do was search for them (and magazines, and loose leaf paper, and field trip forms, and house bills, etc...) and tear them apart.  search & destroy.  he seems to have chilled out on the destroying part lately and has surprisingly demonstrated his ability to turn pages considering i don't sit down to read with him like EVER.  i lie, i have tried to do it maybe 5 times MAX but they have been so spaced out that i don't think it counts…  really gotta get on that more.  

anyway.  i really like this guy.  i am so happy that we had him.  i love his energy.  i love his playfulness.  i love his independence when we are out at Strong Start, he literally does not care that i am there and has zero problem being around all the other kids.  he isn't shy by any stretch, and i am sure that has plenty to do with being surrounded by his rambunctious siblings.  he's really the cherry on top of this delicious family sundae.

god, i am almost almost almost through with these christmas sessions!  i can't wait to put them aside and take some time to do some create crafty stuff for the Holidays, to get our home back in order and decorated, and next saturday is already the Annual Christmas Party at Lindsay + Neil's… which means Chloe's birthday is the weekend after which is 5 days before Christmas and 6 days before Malcolm's First Birthday, both birthdays which I have not touched with a 10 foot pole.

the end.


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