The Yukon

last week Malcolm and I went on a last minute trip to Whitehorse

our good friends KLF and Miles moved there a year ago and she had a buddy pass available from working at Air North.  it isn't the sort of thing i normally do, so i figured this would be a small trip away from home i could handle and i would get to visit some pretty cool people and see some beautiful scenery.  we stayed at home the whole time except to take a drive to Fish Lake over the 1.5 days. 

we headed toward this mountain that i'll get from KLF.

the trees are very small.  people go and cut their own christmas trees.

i really like these ones best

it was about -10 i think but a completely different kind of cold
i jumped out a few times for certain photos and quickly hurried back in

this photo does zero justice but when we finally arrived at the lake it wasn't at all what i had expected, i started freaking out because all the trees suddenly opened up to this massive expanse of open space that was the lake frozen over.   Queen Elsa would have loved it.  HA. 

those are two people in the far distance to the right

a true Winter Wonderland

my bae

Miles chopped down their tree from the mountain behind their home
i love it, it is so different it almost looks fake (in a good way)

Malcolm also loved it

we were not thinking.  the first night was clear and the second night was super misty and cloudy.  we should have gone out to try to see the Borealis the first night but i think everyone was so tired it didn't occur to us.  plus, my flight was at 7am and staying up til 2-3am to MAYBE see it the second night wasn't a reality.  we attempted to see what we could see just after midnight but we were out of luck.  i guess that means i'll just have to visit again… without a baby.

let's end this with photos from the airplane on the way back home.  

definitely one of the most beautiful flights you'll see

thanks so much for having me guys!
can't wait to see you in the New Year!


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