Unicorn Party

the last week of school before Winter Break was a doozy.  there were many loose ends to tie and many things to prepare.  there were days of less sleep than usual preparing for Chloe's birthday, last minute duties as Class Parent including collecting funds for teacher's gift and getting that gift together, heading out downtown to get our Christmas photos taken with Lindsay (plus an entire day devoted to editing and designing our card to be ordered), creating a stop animation gif for Caela's Baby Announcemt, and you know, the usual taking care of 3 kids.  

anyway, this is just about the party so here is Chloe's birthday 2015.

at first it was going to be a Party Animals party but it later turned into Unicorns
the donuts here were a game inspired from a page in one of our favourite books


can't find the page on the interweb but there is a page where the unicorn denies the awesomeness of his horn and says it's merely good for pointing at things like choosing a donut at a donut shop

DIY Unicorn Horns

kevin cut down ready-bought party hats into a skinnier hornier shape and hot glued white felt

scrap ribbon for winding around the horn

DIY Unicorn Cake topper
as usual i didn't take a Before photo but this was a grey plastic horse
gave this guy a paint job and carved the horn out of a matchstick with an Exacto knife
coloured the horn with a gold Sharpie and coated it in a thin layer of gold acrylic paint

no birthday is ever complete without a whimsical creation from Coco Cake!
(insert 10 hearteyes emoji faces)

i was too busy assisting with the horny craft to take photos of the process
i was so thankful the girls were super into it!  there is always a chance kids will peace out mid-craft

Chloe + Eve checking themselves out in the mirror

the Donut game begins

whoever can horn and pull off 3 donuts the fastest is the winner

fave photo hahahahaha

drunk party faces

LOL a little concerned about the sparklers!


as usual, kevin made the piñata instead of buying it
i helped do the layers and i did the cloudy streamers

we really gotta work on making it LESS durable
the boys came out to help beat the goodies out

Moses is never fully dressed
part of me wonders if that will ever change


Chloe spent the night at my mom's
it was a chill day after all the party prepping and cleaning
we had our weekly dinner at my inlaws where she got more gifts including an incredible bike handcrafted and repainted Frozen style by kevin's oldest sister and her husband

i will post it soon

i bought her another Frozen dress from Over the Loom 
as the one from last year has been to hell and back

seriously if you need a nice Elsa dress
this was $20 which is cheaper than the crappy crispy ones from Toys R Us

we also got her these sparkly silver shoes!

Elsa Pose

"Let the storm rage OOOONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"

another birthday done
Malcolm's is in 4 days, Christmas in 3
ugh the rest of my life


  1. Love it soooo much! So creative and hilarious! You guys rule and you're both so crafty! Kevin!!! Also, pants free Momo made me laugh


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