HAPPY 2016: Holiday Notes

just realized it's Friday
the first day of 2016 is a Friday
(because we weren't all not disoriented enough by the holidaze)

i have no idea what to even think about 2016
resolutions, never
intentions yes, never anything serious

it's either going to get really amazing
or it's going to be the hardest it's ever been… ever

still trying to work connections build bridges
take every opportunity and see where it takes us

it's a weird way to be
it's definitely not the kind of people we are so this sill be interesting

the rush was intense
this was my first taste of what the rest of my decembers will look like
i'm going to have to be madly prepared next year if i want to knock down all these pins like a winner
because running on $5 of gas at a time for two weeks straight following a month of holiday session madness is just not a viable way to be livin'

i'll be adding photos soon I HOPE

20 | Chloe's Birthday CHECK
Christmas Spirit WAVERING

Squeezed in this painting for Taryn's brother for Christmas


26 | Malcolm's Birthday CHECK

27 | We had a get-together with Kevin's paternal side of the family, we almost got everyone!
A few families couldn't make it but had spent Christmas day with Kevin's Nana and Grandad.
it's been a very heart-wrenching time as his Grandad has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  we've been doing small things here and there that we can to help out…

Spent the 28 + 29 trying to get the house a little more in order.  finally got around to mailing out our Holiday Cards!  good thing i anticipated my lateness and wrote HAPPY NEW YEAR on the cards instead of Happy Holidays…

29 | we also headed out to Van for what turned into a really fun impromptu playdate.  kevin is doing some renos and updates for a friend looking to sell and move, and he needed to have a look at the place before they left for a mini vacay.  we ended up staying for dinner, the kids played altogether for the first time and really hit it off!  had a cozy movie night complete with ice cream for dessert.  S you are the sweetest :)

30 | Morning photoshoot at a frosty Queen E park with a referral 3 degrees separated from a girl that i connected with over the internet but still have yet to meet.  she referred a friend who bought a family session for her friend and friend's son.

31 | did some editing and tidying up around the house before heading out for a Fam Jam NYE party at the Happeney residence up the road.  11 adults vs 13 kids.  amazingly everyone was well behaved with the exception of a few small disagreements among children.  for the most part the adults got adult time upstairs while the kids occupied themselves with games, toys and various screens.  our host always has a new fancy drink for the evening and this one did not disappoint!  bonus points that it did not land me in the washroom as has happened past times...  delicious snacks and dinner including homemade lasagnes and cauliflower mac and cheese.  Cards Against Humanity, a pretend countdown and everyone leaving early enough to catch the big HURRAH from the comfort of pyjamas at home!  took a few quick fam photos of us before the kids went to sleep.

also took a bunch of these to post and tag NUNUNU
MC spoiled them with matching Nununu bottoms and i thought it would be cool to say
Happy NUNUNU Year

funny right?  or not?  whatever.

i'm posting this tonight because i never will.  i will hopefully get to posting separate posts to add the rest of the collections of photos to the ones above… keyword: HOPEFULLY.  oh god ignore my lack of cropping on that right hand corner hahahahaha.

1 | CHILLED with Caela and Jade's family in the afternoon!  Kev went back to start prepping on the house to be worked on while i managed to be a very good mom of 3 on my own for the rest of the day/night.  chloe went to bed without dinner as she has been acting horribly about what is being served despite never having a single complaint for the last 4.75 years of her life.  i'm tired of it.  however, she ended up passing out which left me the evening to spend with just the boys.  we had a fantastic time.  after dinner we gave Malcolm's his first taste of EARNEST ICE CREAM : Salted Caramel and watched him literally lose his freaking baby brain.  he actulaly-factually gyrated in his high chair SO HARD and so furiously that it bounced and banged in my direction not just once but a few times.  he was burying his face in the bowl and kept shrieking for more.  the boys then enjoyed their first bath together on their own without the aggravating force that is their diva sister.  they played so nicely.  i love how kind Moses is to him, and how sweetly Malcolm responds with affection.  it's so amazing to watch their relationship start to grow as Malcolm gets older.

Malcolm is not walking yet
He has taken a few 1-2 steppers a handful of times this week and that's it.

he has recently added knowing his belly to the list of body parts he can identify.
so far that makes the tongue and belly, he is on his way to knowing foot
and has just figured out waving as of TODAY

this update is really for me.

bloody after 1am now...


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