Winter Wonderland

Sunday Morning
our last day before the return to school 

he's starting to do the toddler tantrums but he also comes to me just for cuddles
he pats my back or squeezes his arm around my neck as he rests his head on my shoulder

i want to print a mini photo of this and keep it in my wallet

with the sudden gust of winter that has blown in this past week, my Facebook feed has been flooded with posts from the local mountains and the beautiful frost that has embellished every car, plant and spiderweb with ornate detail.  for the most part, i was so caught up in the rush and then trying to relax and clean up the rush, that i didn't give too much thought to the winter activities.

my mom guilt kicked in.  we hadn't done the Stanley Park train nor the Van Dusen lights show or Capilano Lights.  we didn't go ice skating at any of the local rinks, but to be honest if we were going to skate i would have LOVED to go at the tiny outdoor one they set up at Tsawwassen Springs with a big Christmas tree and globe lights.

unfortunately, they don't rent skates and it's $10 admission per person…   not having winter tires cuts out trips to the mountains for tobogganing (snowboarding and skiing are not even close to being an option…) and those were the photos that really got me in the gut.  seeing the beautiful snowy mountains on clear sunny days.  we haven't had snow this year, although i'm pretty sure during the frost, Deifenbaker would have been slippy enough to ride anyway.  

we made tentative plans to hit up the skating rink at Robson Square with Lindsay and Neil Sunday afternoon but those plans fell through, so we're hoping to reschedule.  i think the kids would really love a pretty evening downtown, skating under the festively lit dome...


we set out to check out Centennial after being inundated with FROZEN TSAWWASSEN NATURE PHOTOS on Facebook.  it got foggier as we approached the beach and by the time we arrived it was engulfed in fog.  we turned back to try out the dike, we had seen many cars parked on our way to Centennial.  

wintery fog

dance off

momo looking out to Beach Grove

winter florals


the sun started burning through the fog as noon approached

lucky shot of these birds

the hasties
joined us at the beach just as the fog had completely lifted

normally you can see whatever city is across the water
but the purple band at the end is more fog rolled out

the shore was a giant salty slurpee trail

we visited on a warmer day
the previous days had the water all frozen

too cool for school these two

first winter beach for little m

derp + derp

Malcolm had a good time with his other parents

he took 10 steps on saturday afternoon
i will post them in a separate Malcolm update because he's been on a roll this week

will he have thick curly hair like momo or a thinner batch like chloe?
we shaved Momo's head when he was born so wondering if that old wives' tale is true...

hoping we get another cold snap so i can get more photos


as far as white chicks go, this one is pretty alright
returning soon for a winter bonfire!



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