Front Entrance + Closet Doors

so we have done nothing with the front entrance since last summer
the door still sucks, the steps are still sunk in and crooked
we haven't touched the "patio" area though there are some chairs we found on junk day

for anyone new here
for last summer's Before and After 

we've been trying to figure out what to do in terms of replacing the fence.  as you may remember, we found these breeze blocks that originally belonged to the house, buried in the backyard under two tiny trees that we took out.  our neighbour happened to have a handful in her backyard which she offered to us when she saw the ones we had unearthed.  i don't know if there are enough to recreate an hommage to the original display.  i really wish we could see what the house looked like back in the day.  i definitely want something where light can shine through, so if the breeze blocks are not salvageable, then perhaps low-profile (concrete) planter boxes with bamboo to filter light and provide some privacy. 

we haven't taken the side down between the house and the yard yet
that will probably hang out a little longer since kevin's work table is on the other side of it

this little area here is a cool little pocket space for i don't know what

 please don't mind the eyesore of haberdashery to the left, we suck 
malcolm on the other hand is what my mom calls "the mutt"
quite accurate

onto some cooler things

this is thoroughly embarassing, but last year i booked a photo session and we had no closet doors.  and as you can see, we still do not have anything to hide the crap that is our closet.  I'M NOT AN ORGANIZED PERSON.  i also feel like i need to hire someone to go through my clothes and create one of those organized closet thingies for me because i am what the French call les incopetent...

this year, i have rebooked photos and so my dear husber needs to make the deadline
so that this year, we will not have to crop the ass that is our closet!!!!!!!


thankfully, kevin made the decision to go with some full length sliding barndoors.  this way, the closet becomes more of a wall and his wife won't leave the bi-folds open on a regular basis.  i'm into the giant caster wheels.  i still don't know wtf he is planning with the handles there, but i'm just going to live with it because i never know wtf i want anyway.

still life of his work station, complete with a Canada Dry

out in the yarden working on the second slider

pole sliding is sexy

this photo is a complete fraud of a photo
it totally looks like we've got some crazy sun coming in from the left but that's my flash shooting and reflecting off of my dresser window.  still, looks pretty dope.

i don't remember what he was saying here but surely something ridiculous

wow wow wow where is the mess!!!!

there is another pile on the other side of the bed 

i need to figure out what to hang on top of our bed.  i can't decide if it should be framed art or if it should be something textile.  if you have any suggestions, please throw them at my face.

it's really weird thinking of where i am now
versus where i was when i first started blogging here

life is crazy



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