My Chloe's Eye

welcome to pre-summer season.  the days are long and sometimes you get to wear a t-shirt first thing in the morning.  so, this guy is leaving me.  sand in an effing hourglass.


my stomach turns everytime i put this guy down for his nap.  the time is spinning out of control and i know these naptimes will slowly fade out, he will be this long gangly bean like his brother, 90% my height.  i finally had the nerve to do a few test settings and then ask (plead) kevin if he would just take a couple of me.  the question barely left my lips when chloe jubilantly chimed in that she wanted to take the photos.  my heart did this weird slow motion double-take.  why didn't i consider asking chloe???  i had let her take some photos a few weeks before and she was very into it, posing and composing and retrying to get whatever image was in her head.  why the hell not.  i was tenderly baked and really comfortable with myself which i'm sure helped.

so here you go.
these are photos of me putting malcolm to sleep by my 5.5 year old daughter:

i was bawling and sobbing like a baby when i went through them with her
i finally got some photos of this special time with malcolm and they are now extra special having been enthusiastically taken by my chloe.  this was basically the most wonderful give the universe could have surprised me with.  it doesn't get better than this.


  1. oh my, these are so so special.

  2. soooooo darn cute. these made my heart hurt. sheer magic. amazing, chloe. XOXO


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