Easy Easel

i am in the worst health i've been in in a long time
meals are not so much the issue as it is my stress levels and sleep

my brain has hit a new low of being able to function
i took a nap today for the first time in possibly years
it is possible that i may have taken one or two naps last year during malcolm's first year
but i swear i'm in worse shape this week than i ever was with him last year

i've done 4 newborn/family sessions between thursday and today
all beautiful sessions but i haven't had a minute til tonight to touch any
and with barely any time to make a dent in them i figured i would take this small pocket
of time to push out this small batch of photos here instead (of sleeping)

Paint Night
is this coming Friday

naturally, kevin designed and built a simple easel
he made his first one yesterday and is in the process of finishing the other 8

always helping dad


collapsable for easy storage

in the 0.5 seconds that i captured this, i was also panicking if i missed it
this photo is going to be printed a few times to be remembered forever

chloe came out to say hi

it got late
but when i woke up this morning, he had moved it inside and displayed
our wedding photo canvas on it to see how it would look

after a long ass day today
took the time to get this quick shot of a painting i started with the kids
back in April but never got around to finishing

i'm so lucky to have such an amazingly patient and talented partner
who has helped me with my projects for almost 20 years

thank you 
for the thousands of hours you have spent over the years helping to make
all my dreams (big or small or childform) come true


  1. Wow, that art easel looks great! I hope to catch the next paint night- sounds like a good time :) Have a good night x


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