Summer 2016

 the world has me down right now.  there is so much tragedy and anger and fear that has been keeping me up at night.  life is busy, so busy, i am barely keeping up.  it feels like even when i find time to have down time, the down time is part of the compartmentalized series of train-cars just whizzing through the day.  i miss my pre-family brain so much.  i used to pride myself on my memory and now it feels like my memory has a life span of 3-4 hours max.  i probably already stated that in my last entry.  and then i have to stop myself and check my privilege because i know my life is gold.  with everything happening in the world right now, i am blessed with an excess of freedoms and safety for my family.  i can't ask for more than that.  fueling my business is hard as hell but i can do it and i am doing it and if i decide not to, i have the freedom to make a plethora of other choices.

we headed to the beach for dinner tonight and all i could do was be thankful.  thankful to be born in a place where i am free and safe.  thankful to my parents and grandparents for migrating here.  thankful that there have not been terrorist attacks or hateful killing sprees or violent racism close enough to be fearful.  it was beautiful.  the water was warm and clear.  we picnicked on the sand, kev and i shared our current favourite cider, we all waded into the water, the kids played in the sand, malcolm had a heyday throwing rocks into the water (throwing things into water seems to be his favourite thing to do, if you didn't already hear about the house/car keys being thrown into the pond the other month...), and nobody felt the need to fight. 

these photos were from 2 days ago, another perfect beach evening.  i am bragging.  it is so effing awesome living 3 minutes away from this beautiful beach that the rest of the lower mainland has finally discovered.  i know because tsawwassen is not multicultural, so when anyone visits from outside of tsawwassen, it's visibly notieceable.  welcome, my fellow People of Colour!  oh how i have missed you from my richmond/vancouver days!  enjoy my beach!

so full of gratitude


  1. Really well said...
    You have such a beautiful family.
    Enjoy these moments.



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