Camping 2016: Princeton

we took the plunge and decided to do a mini camping test trip with the three butts.  it's not really a plunge in terms of being adventurous, it's more of a plunge in terms of planning, grocerying, pre-prepping, and packing meals and snacks for 5 people.  ugh.  kevin got a bug the day before we left and gave it to me for the first day of the 2 night trip.  it was basically a terrible migraine.  our first night was planned for Princeton RV Park, a place we found 12 years ago on our first camping trip together.  with fond memories of our sandy spot in front of the river, i was excited to return.  EXPECTATIONS.  12 years later it wasn't exactly how i remembered it, but we were there so we would make the best of it.  we paid for our spot and drove down to Bromley Rock.  the sun was hot but was setting early behind the tall mountains.  we stayed for about an hour.

 the water was icy cold but the kids, in their excitement, didn't feel a thing.  kevin's balls froze off and will never be seen again.  he slowly made his way across the water to jump off the rock.

 he really wanted to go higher but was too freaked out.  next year for sure. 
it began to rain, so we packed up and left.  the rain stopped.

we returned back to our spot for dinner 

no, this isn't our spot
this is the spot across from us with their cutesy little camper and checkered tablecloth

we made and packed pulled pork and coleslaw for dinner number 1

he keeps posing like this for photos and i keep telling him
that it's going up on the internet, so clearly this is just how he wants to represent himself

there is a swingset

as you can see, the site is right off the highway which means it is a noisier location definitely a downside to the place, but the facilities, though dated, are kept super cleaning, cleaned twice a day everyday.  you know how most places have dingy corners with yuck and spiderwebs and bugs all over?  yeah, there is none of that here.  not even behind the underside of the toilets.  each spot also includes water and electricity for an extra $5 for a total of $32/night.

we stubbornly requested to be on what appears to be the RV side of the site.  that's where we were 12 years ago and like the creatures-of-habit that we are, we hoped to relive that experience.  we would only find out the next morning upon checking out the otherside that we had been originally given, was much much nicer.  EXPECTATIONS.

nothing like tacos to start off camping hahaha

the kids headed down to the water after dinner

i don't really remember there being a logging site behind the trees.  it was a bummer.  the lady had mentioned that the area across the river had been cut down a lot since then, so maybe it was nicer 12 years ago.  i totally remember being left of this larger rock and watching kids climbing on top of it.

right of us and left of us

kevin was teaching chloe how to use his knife to carve a stick

she eventually cut herself.  thankfully we had a First Aid Kit and i brought a giant handful of different bandaids.  she was super brave as blood pooled down her thumb and into the palm of her hand.


this beautiful creature

drinking and carving

they found a grasshopper

we finally went to bed.  it was a rough night.  we had not inflated the mattresses to their full potential and considering i sleep on a rock hard mattress, sinking and being stuck in curled up positions was just awful.   it didn't help that i was sleeping with Malcolm who flips and reverses and spins all over your face all night long.  oh yeah, and that migraine was still giving it its all.  i couldn't wait for morning.

morning finally came.  kevin kindly got up with the kids so i could have a little bit of time to sleep undisturbed.  so thankful that we packed ibuprofen.  

it is possible that our decision to take the plunge and do this camping trip was seeing the packs of crack cereal at Thrifty's when grocery shopping.  if these aren't the epitome of camping breakfast, i don't know what is.  well, second to campfires anyway.

my children don't even know wtf these cereals are which is hilarious considering this is all i ever ate as a child;  which makes me wonder if they are going to become sugar fiends when they are older.  i have no desire for this shit in my life but is it because i had my fill as a child?  should i be feeding them all the sugary goodnesses NOW????

i believe this is the most "camping" photo in the entire collection

with the tent in the picture, i would like to give thanks to Cait and Norma for generously lending us all their camping gear including the awesome foldable table set, their giant tent, two queen mattresses, stove, folding chairs, sleeping bag, and water cooler.  seriously, this trip would not have happened without the kindness and generosity of everyone who offered their gear to us.

the two most demanded snacks were from kevin's mom. these fruit cups and cheese strings
i can't even tell you how many times a day we were asked if they could have one

one last trek down to the water while we packed up

so happy
also we just reacquired this hoodie which we had handed-down from Moses so long ago

these 2 photos are giving me the Wes Andersen vibe

this photo would have been perfect if he were wearing ankle socks

as mentioned, before we left, i decided to check out the opposite end of the RV park where i discovered other tenting families.  i discovered that the view was not logging area, but cute little homes. 

i discovered that instead of a steep rocky climb down to the water, there was a flat transition of plants and sand for the kids to run around. 

that area then extended to a large rocky area that went further out into the river where the water was cleaner.  

that's what you get for being stubborn


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