Camping 2016: Tulameen

on the road from Princeton to Tulameen

made a quick stop to check out this view

back when cell phones were a brick, the original mix tape was Lord
being hoarders, we brought a bag loaded with mixtapes to play in the van's casette player

boom towny

we arrived in Tulameen and passed through the tiny town of adorable cottages

destination Otter Lake

the water was cool and refreshing, though not quite as cool and regreshing as Bromley Rock.  we had a blast wading in and out, jumping, flipping, sliding and splashing.

we finally took leave from Otter Lake to check out the campground and see if it had any vacancy

so many amazing properties spotted along the way

 there were only 4 spots available, but we got one!
we slowly got set up inbetween losing our minds with the millions of questions, hundreds of demands, breaking up arguments and consoling the cranky toddler.

seriously, this table...

with everything ready to go, we decided to check out the nature trail before dinner

our path took us out to the water.  we decided to follow it around, hoping/expecting that it would lead up to the campsites overlooking the water.

 we were lucky.  there was one area where the 5 foot path between forest and water was broken up by fallen trees.  we managed to climb over and eventually found a path that went back up exactly to where the trail had began.


this is campsite No.17 which we should probably reserve RIGHT NOW for next year

we continued touring the site down to the boat launch

back for dinner

i have a feeling that Malcolm might be the OCD child.  he was constantly picking up, stacking, lining up and moving everything on the table

the firestarter

started playing with long exposures.  this was kevin and/or moses twirling around sticks that had been sitting in the fire

the kids shockingly were so tired they asked us if they could go to sleep.  malcolm needed some cozy time so he hung out with us by the fire until he passed out.  once i laid him in bed, i came out to see the sky packed with stars.  this is what kevin wanted to show the kids but they were passed out.  i grabbed my tripod and started testing out how to capture the sky.

milky way, is that you??

moses couldn't sleep and came out to hang out with us.  he and kevin took the camera and headed toward the boat launch to see what they could get while i kept warm by the fire.

pretty damn cool

more fun shots

this one is my favourite!  did 10 seconds on the boys and then flipped the camera up for the remaining 20 seconds of the 30 second exposure to get them campfiring in the stars!!!!  LOVE.

so many stars
we cannot be the only ones out here


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