Family Bike Rides

well hello there
it's my monthly post

i've been thinking lately how it's been so long that i have posted here...  remembering when i began when moses was 5 months old, and thinking i maybe shouldn't bother since i had missed the first 5 months of his life.  well it's now been 7 years that i've been documenting my life and my family.  it's been a hell of a ride with some dark times, joyful times and all the busyness in between.  it's been a lot of photos.  a lot of photos.

i wish i could post more...  it's too hard to keep up.  i'd love to be chilling on the couch doing some laundry folding and Olympics watching with kevin but it's been a while since posting and i really wanted to share this evening's collection of photos before too many days push it to the bottom of the pile.

so much mom guilt with not updating enough on this guy.  i promise i'll post for him.  i have a really sweet few photos from the other day i've wanted to share.  THIS PHOTO.  he woke up early with Moses today.  Moses pulled him out of the crib and they ate Cheerios together while everyone else was still in bed.  they played cars for a little bit and then went into Moses top bunk where Malcolm fell back asleep while Moses read him some books!  so here he is, still passed out in Momo's bed. 

 chloe was in my bed this morning with a really bad stomache ache which brought on two minimal barfs.  she stayed in bed all morning, took a nap, and by 2-3pm she was her usual chipper self.  i caught these two reading books together.  Malcolm got his haircut today.  i'm sure he was wishing we would all shut up about it as we all took turns fawning over him.  no more he-man hair!

fingers and toes

 we've been biking a lot.  it's the best part of my life right now.  the joy is overflowing and the opportunities are endless.  we finally biked from home all the way to Centennial along the dike last week.  we planned to do it again this evening but got side-tracked and found a new spot that i'm thinking we will probably frequent more often.


the kids saw this weird piece of land and asked if we could check it out.  there was an access point but we didn't make it all the way to this long skinny tip.  can i just say what we are all thinking?  it's totally a dong, right???  LOL  we'll do the tip next time. 

can i also just say how much i love our vintage bike collection????? 
(it's not because we are hipster, it is definitely because have no money for new bikes)

 (totally photoshopped the two zits on my chin)

failure to launch this dumb kite, it got stuffed back into the backpack

he is a different child without his shaggy he-man hair


sorry/not sorry for all the foliage shots.  nature is beautiful.

thanks chloe for these 2 shots

kevin found a grasshopper which will now show up 100 more times


so happy i brought my camera with me
so happy the full moon was tonight and not yesterday when i thought it was 
so happy chloe was feeling better to come out for this beautiful evening

(she's holding the grasshopper by its butt)



mother nature, you win everytime
shedding that moonlight like a red carpet across the ocean like it ain't no thang

gratuitous moon/plant study collection

yep.  perfect evening.
i'm one very lucky human being.


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