Back to School 2016-2017


the countdown to Back to School has had me super bummed out.  so many parents are stoked to get their kids out of their hair so they can press on uninterrupted with fights and tantrums and endless food making.  I AM NOT STOKED.  i'll take the fights and tantrums.  i like having them around. sometimes i need to get work done and they need to haul their butts out of my space or as some days would have it, the house, but we were lucky this year.  having kevin at home probably was what made this summer so terrific.  we could take turns with them.  we could barter and trade morning for afternoon, or whole days if necessary.  it was the first time we got to be together as a family all summer.  it was balanced.  the key was balance and it was balanced!  

also, this summer wasn't the gruelling pace of last year.  my body is back and i feel good and i fit into my clothes again.  malcolm isn't a baby that i have to haul around and whip my giant tits out for anymore.  i had all 3 of them ALL DAY, ALL SUMMER as kevin's schedule was basically 16 hour days of going to work and then working on the house/yard.  this was the best summer i've had in my entire life, and it was completely without getting to travel or do anything costly or super exciting.  it was just NICE.  it was relaxing.  i was working but didn't have to kill myself and managed to pay bills.  i got to spend time with friends partying and swimming and having dinners, we as a family enjoyed so many gorgeous evening bike rides and had a fantastic time camping.  we went to Splashdown for the last time before it shuts down, and i got to watch Malcolm laugh and splash for the first time on waterslides.  i felt free.  i felt so damn free.  it felt like the first break in forever for ALL OF US and as the cold weather swooped in this last week in combination with parents excitedly anticipating school,  i wanted to throw myself on the floor and just freak-cry in true malcolm style.  my feet are so cold, my hands are cold and starting to ache, and my chest hurts every time i look at my pile of summer clothes to move into the closet.  

with a heavy heart, i am hopeful for more good things to come, even if it means pushing through a long cold and rainy 10 months.  thankfully, i will be heading to Tofino this weekend for Lindsay and Neil's wedding, followed by a quick trip to Cali with Malcolm (while he is still free to fly!), and then my trip to India at the end of October.  which will bring me to Christmas Sessions, Christmas, Chloe + Malcolm's birthday and into 2017.

moving forward.  peeks into this morning's first day of school...

chloe had been up with me for a while in my bed.  we eventually got up to wake the boys who were grumpy and tired...

moses hiding in the cozy warm blankets

this guy is in the throws of it lately.  crying endlessly over nothing.


always wearing one of his hand-me-down oversized lego shirts for jams

smart dad made overnight oatmeal

he lost two teeth in two days in early August.
he's got one more beside that centre gap starting to wiggle... 

I know what's going to happen...
I'm going to go back to school with NO TEETH
~ Moses, Age 7
After losing his first 2 teeth

gonna miss those baby teeth

Malcolm unapologetically smashing Chloe with the toy stroller


morning crew

so thankful for this Mama for inviting us super last minute for one last hurrah over at her place yesterday afternoon for snack, treats, drinks, and a swim in their very heated pool.  the kids and i had a blast!!!!!

i took too long saying goodbye to this one that by the time i ran over to Moses on the other side of the school he had already gone inside.

so happy i forced myself to take these photos...  i love remembering this stuff.

thank you summer for everything.


  1. Missed this post ... So sweet ... And crazy too... Your new door!! So much light. I'm so glad you had a good summer. Xo


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