thinking in LA

another unfinished post.  seriously, this blog is scrap paper notes right now.

i'm in Cali again, this time with The Mutt aka Malcolm.

it's minutes to midnight and i could have gone to bed probably 1-2 hours ago.  i brought my laptop.  i've caught up on some work, not really knowing if it's work.  i wish i didn't suck so hard at being organized and prioritizing.  i'm working on it but as it truly is not my forte nor my natural way, it's quite the challenge added to my plate of a-little-bit-of-everything.

i've been shaking my head a lot lately over how i've been feeling in this new role.  time is laughing at me.  reminding me of how hard it was to be at home with moses and chloe, with all my time going to them and barely anytime to do much other than blog and maybe do a few craft shows.  fast forward to today and all i want to do is spend time with them doing arts and crafts and going on outings.  malcolm is missing out on that quality time.  i hate it.  he's also proving to be the most rambunctious of them all and i really need to shape up my discipline with him as he is definitely acting like we are all full of shit and he can walk all over us if he smiles.  the training starts young.


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