i never finished this post.  i'm going to post it anyway with a link to the photo gallery.
we went to Tofino, just kevin and i, to celebrate Lindsay and Neil's wedding.

Photo Gallery Here

it's beautiful here.  we didn't get around much today but our 20 minute stop at Incinerator Beach was what my body needed after 6-7 hours of travelling.  we had not anticipated the 45 extra minutes of sitting around in construction traffic.  i was making an effort to not be disappointed that we would have to hightail it out of here early sunday morning, but with this traffic in place we would have to leave even earlier to make our ferry back home.  we arrived at the airport to pick up Robin and Branch but the fog had delayed their flight.  we decided to drive into town but soon realized we would have to turn around as soon as we arrived, so we u-turned on Pacific Rim Hwy and made a quick pitstop at Incinerator Beach before returning to the airport.  It was almost 5pm and I just wanted to be done with the travelling and start the relaxation part of this short trip.  I could not have asked for a more stunning awakening.  The miles of sand.  The waves.  The waves.  The waves emerging from the early evening glowing fog.  The light.  The openness.  I felt overwhelmed by the openess.  Breathtaking is a legitimate description, I literally felt like I couldn't breath as I took in this new view.  Kevin ran ahead to climb the giant rock.  I followed.  I was in love.  Painfully in love.  I was jealous of the surfers.  I can see why people come out here, I can see why people live out here.  Just based on this one area, it was definitely worth the trip.  I'm hoping we have time tomorrow morning to go back and actually go into the water.

We eventually hurried back to the car as we had to pay to be there and didn't...  We arrived at the airport just in time to see Robin and Branch.  it would be our first time truly hanging out together.  we drove into town to pick up the keys to our weekend home.  love the town, love the shops, love our weekend home, love R&B for finding our place and being such easy people to get along with.  after recharging at home, we headed out to pick up a few groceries, drop off wedding stationery with Lindsay, and then have dinner at Kuma.  



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