Back from India

because i don't know if i'll ever have time to finish this post...

it's Monday.  lindsay and i happily  arrived back on West Coast soil Thursday after what was an eventful last day of our trip.  we were greeted at the gate by our men, Neil, Kevin and Little Malcolm.    i caught a bug on our last day, or perhaps a day or two before, that started off as an innocent cough and turned into a nasty fever with chills and a spinning headache.  lindsay, was in newly rough shape having accidentally toppled a boiling hot tea kettle onto her lap first thing in the morning when sitting down to breakfast.  she had second degree burns on her stomach and leg that had blistered and required medical attention.  what a pair.  what a way to travel back home.  i can only be grateful that these things happened on our last day and not while we were in India.  one of my greatest worries was getting sick while having to shoot Nik's wedding or being sick for the majority of time and throwing away this once in a lifetime experience.  saving the worst for last was a blessing.

we also had a scare prior to my fever hitting.  at the Mumbai Airport, which is undoubtedly the most opulent and beautiful airport on earth, i was convinced i had my hand purse stolen that held my passport, credit card, phone, and key to unlock my checked baggage.  for a good half an hour i tried to make peace with the fact that i might not get to return home on schedule and that having to contact the consulates was going to be part of this trip's adventure.  despite both lindsay and i checking my luggage and camera bag 3 times, we both managed to miss my purse that happened to be lodge deeply behind my reflector.  for whatever reason, we both kept checking in front of the reflector where my journal and novel were, never considering to check the behind.  airport security had been involved and after checking their cameras, it was clear that nobody had swiped my bag, i had just hidden my purse from myself... embarrassingly typical of me.  kind of like how i lost our hotel keys at the beach hahaha.

the trip was so great.  it was definitely the least India of India without having seen anything outside of Goa.


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