Dashing Through the Snow

the universe loves me.  we got more snow.  we got one more beautiful day of fluffy pretty snow and we took full advantage of it.  i had been following the weather and i knew that rain was supposed to be in the forecast for many days ahead, so when i saw the new layer of snow out the window i hustled everyone out the door for a second go at Diefenbaker. 

i managed to find moses' old snowsuit that is too small for chloe but-whatever-who-cares-it's-snowing-i'll-wear-it-anyway.  going through their mega suitcase of seasonal clothing and baby clothes i can't part with, i found the ghetto pair of waterproof pants i found at the thrift shop for moses over a year ago.  malcolm we just layered in two pairs an planned to not let him sit down... 

the morning crowd had already arrived.  we had attempted to go a few days after our first snow and it was an awful experience.  in less than half an hour of arriving, the kids were all crying and i had carried the heavy skidoo and malcolm on my back up the hill and chloe had flown straight into the mud puddle with mud caked in her hair and scarf and the largest skidmark up the back of her jacket.  i was so thankful for more snow and another chance to enjoy with all 3 of the butts.

we were offered sleds to borrow from Mirka at Franc Depart so we had a few extra to use which was great since our skidoo thingy is too bloody heavy to keep hauling up the hill.  we broke out the original Moon Boots my sister bought for Moses back in January 2010.  Chloe could still mash her feet into Momo's second larger pair and poor Moses had to suffer the hills with frozen rubber boot toes.


this is everything

everytime i show these photos to malcolm he throws his hands up and says

this really made the season for me
if everything else goes to shit over the holidays, i will still have this day


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