Snow 2016

the snow has only just begun!  it was only last week when i posted a photo from Snow 2013 on Facebook hoping for another year of snow.  we had the best time together that winter, well at least based on these photos.  this was malcolm's first snow.  i guess it was technically last winter when he and i went north to visit KLF and Miles in White Horse but this year he KNOWS what it is and though he can't quite say "snow", his version "_NOW!" melts me.  he'll get those S sounds soon.  he was SO SO excited i kind of really hate myself for not getting video of him while he was yelling "NOOOO!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!" while holding his hands out and sticking his tongue out like his siblings to catch flakes. our first snow was brief, more of a light dusting, and came hours later than the rest of the lower mainland.  i think it was mnonday... today is friday.  we were lucky kevin happened to head out for a Costco run just as it was coming down.  the kids have never jumped into clothes so fast in their entire life. 

it turned sleety in about 15 minutes and we ran back inside to keep warm.

 today, friday, the kids woke up to another snowy morning.  still light, but we'll take anything here on the west coast.  today was Santa Hat day, Special Foods day, and Movie Day after school, so a good day to go to school.  chloe and malcolm have been sick this week, but she was determined to be part of today's festivities.  i took a few snaps this morning just in case everything was to get washed away by day's end.

report cards came home yesterday and they were the best reports i could ask for, best as in they are both well socialized and helpful to their classmates and doing their best and making progress in the areas where they struggle.  moses has done a 180 and is involved with extra tasks and feels really confident in himself and has a good group of friends. 

my trooper.  always pushing through when it's hard.  this one has got stamina and determination, unless it involved cleaning her room...  i'm so proud of this kid.  he's been doing incredible in cheer and had her performance in her Hip Hop class yesterday, she's hard on herself, much like i am, which reminds me of how i need to display more kindness and forgiveness for myself.  her Hip Hop class was for kids ages 6-9, and she complained constantly how it was too hard.  i had to remind her that she isn't even 6 yet and the fact that she did the entire routine NO problem was a testament to her efforts and ability.  

loving the colour combos that magically happened this morning
(yes, she is aware of how gigantic these gloves are)

i don't have any snow gear for these guys
i need to source some out pretty damn quick so that we can hit up Diefenbaker!

looking forward to more snowy photos!


  1. Love your kiddos. Nooo! Nooo!!! Malcolm is looking so cute. All three of em are going to break hearts man. Xo


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