Christmas 2016: New Traditions

 happy everything to everyone
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i barely did a Holiday session for ourselves this year.  i ended up setting up in our living room on the evening of the 23rd to do photos of the kids.  considering we finished at 10:15pm, there was no possible way of kevin and i looking remotely appropriate to join them or to manage to do it without someone shooting us.  my bad.  i could have done them with lindsay if i had planned ahead enough to do them in november but november was an entire shit show of a month for us both.

i didn't take photos of christmas eve with my mom's side of the family nor for the morning spent with kevin's family.  first, because i was honest to god at the end of my rope with exhaustion, anxiety, guilt, and general overwhelm.  second, because i've documented them enough times in the past and they were the same and not worth how stressed i was feeling.

we typically spend the entire day with kevin's family but as mentioned in my previous post we ended up deciding to take back some of christmas day for ourselves to enjoy just as a family of 5.  following stockings, presents and pancake breakfast at my in-laws, we headed out for a bonfire at Centennial with new friends.  i brought my camera along.

it was cold af but absolutely gorgeous


Baker, you are so beautiful


chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

she learned how to blow bubbles in october

Phanie Pack + Fannie of the PAC
this woman is a keeper

i can't tell you how impossible it is to get a photo of these guys all looking

 i've decided christmas is not really christmas if you're mom isn't there
she joined us for the last bit of our bonfire before the weather took a turn for deathly cold

 and she joined us for dinner
i had planned to make the table all fancy during nap time before we ended up going to the beach.  caela got me the friggin napkins i wanted but we'll just have to save them for Easter i guess.  everything was low-key.  we had ingredients for "traditional christmas dinner" but as we were hungry and needed an earlier dinner, kevin whipped up something a little more simple.

this snowflake window will definitely be a Holiday tradition
i gotta write these down to make sure we don't forget 

 we usually end up opening gifts on christmas eve with my mom's side, but we decided to let the kids unwrap 1-2 and save the rest for christmas evening after dinner instead

like his older siblings, Malx is obsessed with Ninjago
he finally has something to call his own

 he got really into the unwrapping this year 

my cousin chris and his husband thomas were so kind and generous to get snow gear for all three kids.  kevin has been living in his robe full length hoodie

kevin owned me big time this christmas.  he spent weeks collecting really sweet write ups from as many friends as possible and pairing them with images and printing them out in a book.  it was a hell of a lot of effort and kindness on his part and everyone who participated (yes even all the late entries that i received in the days follownig christmas, it's ok guys, that's how i roll too!)

his inspiration came from the ÉTOILE or Kid of the Week that the kids end up doing in school where everyone writes things they love about the chosen person of the week.  i really need(ed) this as i am never sure of myself and suffer often from worries that i am not good enough of a person to/for people in my life.   it was a challenge to get through this book.  i had to read one entry at a time and a take a break in between every single one as i struggle to accept the kind truths that were written by so many of the loved ones in my life.  he started and ended with two of my best friends from highschool and just when i thought the end was the end, his was the last one in the book.  it's probably been 10 years or more since he has written me a sweet letter.  our entire first 4 years of dating in highschool were based on letters that were passed back and forth between Granville + King Ed and Main + 12th and it was such a lovely gift to read something 20 years later with as much heart but also the with so much more history and life and how far we have come with our little family.  it's a completely different kind of love, less passion and romance but one that is steady, strong and long-lasting.

this christmas is the beginning of many more wonderful ones to come


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