Snow Days 2017

man, these blog posts are just more and more spastic as time goes on.  i'm not sure what i'm still doing here and what my purpose is with the upkeep of this blog, but i know for certain i love going back in time to see my old reality.  i wish i had the entire year to focus on just making a massive album of the photos and writings here, but it's an entirely massive project...  but how else will i have something physical and tactile to pass down? 

as usual, i don't have time.  all i can say is that i am lucky i managed to even touch these photos, let alone get around to uploading them here.  i have much work to do and as much as i would love to do some writing again, i'll have to keep my thoughts as scribbled gibberish in one of the 5 notebooks i have all over the house. 

for now, some photos of the kids in the big snow we got a few weeks ago!  followed by the sledding with my cousin Nik which i will separate into another post...

they are growing up too damn fast.

THANK YOU to my awesome cousin Chris and his husband Thomas for getting the kids such fantastic snow gear for Christmas.  it certainly came in handy for this huge snowfall!  they wore them to school everyday for at least an entire week.

he really likes Frozen now that chloe is mostly over it.  he particularly likes Olaf, as in he is talking so much now and says Olaf a lot.  he is also the child that likes to hit and punch and destroy things which is pretty terrible for the rest of us.

this is Malcolm laughing at me right before he knocks the snowman's hat and nose off 

Moses lost both his top front teeth within 2-3 days of each other



more attacking

attacking me and laughing

he is so gigantically tall that i can't process who he is or accept that he is the same person i have been caring for over the last 8 years.  to think once upon a time they looked like this

jesus christ
kevin also spent a bit of time with chloe one on one.  it has been really handy to have a school that has a hill outback when heading to Deefy seems too exhausting.  i had a really fun and lovely time with Malcolm here, also just the two of us, sans camera and phone.  i wish someone else had been around to capture it because it felt good to just ENJOY him.  we took turns falling backwards in the snow, sliding off those giant balls into the snow, flying off the swings into the snow, and just rolling around hugging and laughing in the snow.  i wanted to bad to have photos, but i also really wanted to fully enjoy being completely in the moment.

she literally is the only thing that can light him up when he feels down

i just heard today that more snow might be coming our way!


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