Spring Break: Lighthouse Park

 man, i just can't keep up with this blog!  i managed to get these photos edited early last week, just after Spring Break and then it got shoved to the back burner again.

so Spring Break was a write-off.
i ended up offering Art Club again which was a tremendous success but definitely at the cost of my sanity.  i don't regret it.  not for a second.  go check it out on my website HERE it was high stress and a lot of pre-planning and prep and organization for someone who already has loose screws, is a perfectionist, has 3 kids in a tiny home that needs to be EXTRA maintained, has a bunch of painting still waiting and 3 photoshoots to edit and deliver.  it certainly did take its toll on me but as usual, i was lucky enough to have had some of my favourite people come to the rescue and assist me for 3 of the 9 classes.  Taryn came the first day which was super trippy because she was the one with whom i hosted Toddler Art Classes back when the kids were 20 months and 4 months.  She was visiting for a few days, just on her own for her Mom's surprise birthday party.  It was a perfect fit and I got to hang out with her and we had cheeseburgers from Dairy Queen after.  Jade helped out the second day which was a godsend because the mobiles required i think 16 ties for each kid... and only 2 kids were capable of tying knots LOL.  After that class, I asked Kellie Digs if she might help me for the second round of mobiles and she came with her crew of boys to save the day.  THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS.


i finally had a free day with the kids on the second Friday, which i decided not to book for Art Club.  it was a decent day and i have been meaning to take them to Lighthouse Park fo.r.e.v.e.r.  The last time I brought them over was 3 years ago, just before I was pregnant with Malcolm.  You can see the photos HERE I love those photos, the light was so crazy and dramatic.

kevin was also sick for about a week and a half before finding out he had pneumonia.  he had been taking all 3 kids out every day while i led the classes and then would crash as soon as he got home.  and because i am a loser, he still managed to make pretty much all the dinners... #shame.

anyway, i was thrilled to have a day off and to take them off his hands.  i was thrilled to give him a break and to actually spend some time with them as my days were spent cleaning and prepping the house leading up to the classes.  i would crash for an hour after the classes and then start trying to clean up and get things ready for the next day.  the both of us were permanently exhausted and grumpy and spent the entire Spring Break snapping and barking at the kids day in and day out.  we didn't have the time or energy to take them out anywhere fun, which really made me feel guilty as hell.  meanwhile, instagram was filled with people on holidays having a great time together with family and friends.  balls.  

Lighthouse Park.  i definitely want to make it out here a bunch more times in the summer...




it was a really good day and i love that i was able to get some nice shots of this rare day.


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