Momo's 8th Birthday

i think about writing all the time.  i do. i really do.
i've also spent an hour trying to respond to an email today for a job shooting Vancouver Mom's Top 30 Bloggers event which made me miss being here even more but omg this is a jobbbbbb.  Parenting is a brutal job times 3 with these high-energy children with their unique needs.  Photography and Painting and Designing are all their own high-energy children jobs as well and with a website i desperately need to find time to update and keeping up with social media to stay relevant, i'm spread thin as shitttttttt.  i often visualize Jim Gaffigan's

"you wanna know what it's like to have a fourth (kid), just imagine you're drowning and then someone hands you a baby.  the good news is we live in a 2 bedroom apartment, so, i thought it through.  I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN 7 YEARS..."

oh my god, just listening to this on youtube to get serve you accurately is so terrific...
ok, turning off to concentrate.

it's may 31.  it was momo's birthday.  i took some shitty photos.  UGH.

we had a small backyard party at our house with his 12 person guest list that i was very strict about.  he didn't realize the consequences of his generous inviting of extra people until he worried we didn't have enough goodie bags for everyone.  LISTEN TO YOUR MOM.  or at least TELL YOUR MOM IF YOU ARE INVITING EXTRA PEOPLE SO SHE DOESN'T RECEIVE SURPRISE RSVP'S.

considering i feel like he gets the back burner as the eldest and most responsible, he definitely receives triple the birthday attention than the 2 other Christmas babies.  he had his party on Saturday, Birthday dinner at my inlaws on Sunday, Holiday Monday we took him to his favourite Indian Restaurant in Richmond followed by GO KARTING!  Then Tuesday, his real birthday, he stayed home from school and we biked all over town getting presents with Gift Certificates and had sushi for lunch before my mom came over for dinner, cake and presents.


old school biking in the street


wish i had got a few photos of them playing diaper tag...  i took one of malcolm's diapers and loaded it with water and they basically played dodgeball-tag with the diaper hahahaha


for many of you long time followers, you have seen the transformation of this house and yard.  this was our FIRST real party party we've had since moving here.  i guess we did have his party last year but having it in the evening with parents drinking and chilling made it feel like a realer party (yeah i just said REALER like it's a word).  i felt so good about our yard and even better when friends expressed their jazziness over the laidback NON PINTERESTY party.  oh my god, my vocabularly has been slaughtered by laziness, tiredness, and intercepting... JAZZINESS INDEED. wtf.



em was nervous about him liking the garden donkey
he obviously thought i was hilarious

and the highly coveted pogo stick from happeneys

i still have a select few birthday cards i kept from elementary

also, can i just mention how stoked i am that his party had younger kids and an older kid in addition to the ones in his own grade.  that would NEVER happen in private school.  maybe things are different now, but it feels like their is less classism as an overall observation compared to my experience in elementary.  i'm sure it helps that they have split classes, but whatever, still cool.

 my mom was so sweet.  moses asked her to make an ice cream cake for his birthday and she did it and did an awesome job!

 it was gone like lightning and malcolm handled the leftovers


golden noodles



if anyone knows moses right now, they will know he is obsessed with collecting bugs

malcolm's quick hands trying to steal the candy worms

LOL when moses told malcolm to stop grabbing the candies

i put together a chill box for him that he's been keeping under his pillow

he saw this tree about a week before his birthday and begged me to buy it.  i planned on getting it for him but it was gone when i called in.  emily tried to find it with no luck and then on our bike ride, he happened to find it hidden in the back!   birthday luck.

 when we made his birthday list in his sketchbook, he said he really wanted a lemon cake in addition to his ice cream cake.  i got kevin to pick up two of the delicious chocolate covered lemon poppyseed  cakes from Richlea in Ladner.  if you are local and reading this, THEY ARE DELICIOUS, and are available gluten free too!  god, i hope you are all impressed with how intensely low key i have become after 8 years of being weathered by children. i just can't GAF anymore...


these guys are two peas in a pod
my mom is the freaking bomb

i can't believe he is 8.  i remember being 8.  i was in cali for my aunt's wedding.  it was my probably my first time meeting a lot of black people since we have none, comparatively, in Canada.  I LOVE YOU KENDRA.  it was a crazy fun as hell wedding.  i still have this embroidered sailor hat i got as a gift.  8 is so memorable.  it feels like this is the last year of any significant input and influence i'm going to have on him before he starts pushing away for more independence.  i've been working my ass off with him, especially the last month, to help him with his own anxiety.  i think it is a benefit that we both suffer from it because it really puts fire under my ass to figure my own stuff out so that i can help him.  obviously, i wish he didn't, but i'm glad that i am learning so i can at least empathize and offer my own experiences, struggles, and successes.  i'm really looking forward to spending more time with him in the summer.

i was gonna kick back and watch Aziz Ansari tonight after working all day
but i do not regret getting this done


  1. Happy 8th, holy shit! Looks like Mo had the sweetest parties. Love your words as always, mama. Anti Pinterest DGAF... Mo is beautiful ...


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